Just an Old Country Preacher

I just got a lovely email from a preacher in rural Louisiana. Many people are so quick to bitch that it was really nice to hear something so positive.

“I’m reading for the second time ‘The Other Irish.’ What an awesome and wonderful book. This is my second reading. Expect to read it more times. It is so marked up with notes that it may well be fully underlined before all is said. Just want to thank you from the deep of my heart for such a writing.

A great part of my infatuation comes form my first Martin forefather to Louisiana in 1804. He was a revolutionary soldier from South Carolina. Both he and his wife, Elizabeth, were Scot-Irish. (As far as I can tell.)

Anyway, just want to say (again) that you are such a marvelous writer. ‘The Other Irish’ continues to fill my heart with intrigue. (And purpose.)

Much love and thanks to you.
Just an old country preacher from Central Louisiana.”


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