I came across this terrific blog that mentioned by book. The author, a single mother, who had been fighting addiction, was trying to get through detox.

“While I was detoxing, as soon as I was able to hold a book and read for a bit, I read The Other Irish: The Scots-Irish Rascals Who Made America by Karen McCarthy. It helped me remember that those who came before me were also survivors, being strong because they had to be, finding a way through their difficulties with ingenuity, an indomitable will, and the ambition to see the other side of their troubles. Some people read religious texts during detox and find strength in that. I read about my heritage, found courage in recognizing that I am part of a heritage of strength, and found the will to see the excruciating process of detox through to the end.”

Nice to know my stories were able to help someone through their struggle in some small way.


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